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In June 2013, Ultra Distance Runner Stan Cottrell accepted the most significant challenge of his life as Friendship Sports Association officially launched The Great Global Friendship Run (GGFR) in Ethiopia.– with a goal of raising more than $1 Billion USD for children in need all over the world…. Come and join us!

The launch of the Great Global Friendship Run was described as “…the Spark that’s going to ignite the world!  The eager embrace by all from the starving children, those in hopelessness and despair or desperately scratching out a living, to the powerful and the President himself has echoed the cry that this is a race that MUST be run!  Ethiopia set the standard, giving the world a taste of what a Friendship Run is all about… as Stan Cottrell goes into all the world “Lighting The World With The Power Of Hope”

For there is a real enemy…there are hurting people who need to be rescued … there are hungry people who need to be fed… people dying more and more from lack of hope… They don’t even know hope is even a remote possibility… and the most innocent ones, the most helpless… the children, the orphans…

The What, Why, Where, When and How of

The Great Global Friendship Run

The presentations within select Stan Cottrell – Friendship Sports Videos express perhaps better than words here the reasons and proven impact over decades of Stan’s Friendship Runs throughout the world, display the preparation and plans for the GGFR, and share an on-the-spot glimpse into the historic launch of this great odyssey.  But there is so much more to this story….

What is this Event?

In a time of vast technological advances, special effects, space programs and multifaceted communication methodologies, it is rare to find a “WOW” response.  All that can be conceived can be achieved through technology…. Or can it?

Stan Cottrell is going forth to “WOW” the world once again through the simple act of running… in every country in the world!  Beginning in 2013, Friendship Sports Association and a sea of international partners join Stan on his one-man odyssey which is slated to be an event to be remembered for centuries to come.

Guinness Record Holder, Stan Cottrell of Tucker, Georgia (teacher, author, athlete, goodwill ambassador), who turned 70 years old just before the Run launch, commits to running at least 70 miles in each country of the world — 35 miles per day for 2 days back-to-back.

This six year event through the 250+ countries, territories and colonies of the world is called “The Great Global Friendship Run.”  It is anticipated to be one of the biggest international sports media events of the century as Cottrell proposes to run a total of 17,000 miles! It has been said by some: “It’s like having and producing 250 mini-Olympics, one for each country.”

But the running is just the magnet for the real interactions and impact as Stan carries the Torch of HOPE, demonstrating God’s love-in-action as he embraces our brothers and sisters and little ones in the Human Family, uplifts them, shares with them, helps them.

Why are we doing this event?

Why would a man of Cottrell’s age even attempt such a monumental feat of endurance?  When asked this question, Cottrell replied:

“There is a familiar Chinese saying which goes: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’. I believe friendship is a step of faith.  Running is a simple act; people relate to running regardless of geography, culture, language, etc.”

“It’s something I’m good at, and I’ve seen the faces of people of all ages as they have come out to run with me in my previous runs.  There is an unspoken bond which is forged there.  I think we can make great strides in global friendship through this friendship run.”

(Cottrell grins and sheepishly admits, “No pun intended there.”)

With his motto, “Failure is not an option,” Stan is a man with a mission… and the mission is to make friends and spread goodwill over the entire globe as he runs in each country in the world!

 Where are we going with this event?

During the 6 days in each country, a variety of interactive activities such as friendship lectures, fitness testing, children’s and cultural events, concerts, visits to schools and orphanages and churches along the run route are planned.  There may be sports clinics or 5k races, stadium celebrations and visits to out-of-the-way places, the “forgotten people.”  Cottrell will run 35 miles per day for two days back-to back.  Anyone who wishes may join him in running for as long as they choose.

This pattern will be repeated weekly for the 6 years needed to complete the adventure.  But the legacy of the event, the children’s causes and of its partners will be highly visible for years to come with video replays, feature films, and continuing online and offline publicity surrounding the continuing charitable work for the children of the world and those who made it all possible.

How are we going to accomplish this event?

A team has been assembled, comprised of professionals in a variety of occupations to support Stan in the run, coordinate events along the run route, film events, broadcast the event, and promote the sponsors of the event.

There will also be teams in each country to assist during the time spent in that country.  Each country and event is carefully planned and choreographed to provide maximum media coverage and exposure for the event, its sponsors and the charitable purpose – raising funds for the 143 million children in the orphanages of the world!

The distribution of funds in each country will be overseen by proven, in-place organizations that provide care, provisions and education for children, orphans and orphanages.

But it won’t end there…

Yes, the Great Global Friendship Run for the Children (GGFR) will culminate in Washington D.C. in 2020.  But supporting commercial activities and a childen’s charity foundation will be established to continue support for the children year after year.  We are not creating a one-time spotlight for quick glory that’s soon forgotten, but a new framework that continues its giving and its messages of friendship and hope!

 Won’t you join us?


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