VIE Article Highlights GGFR Launch – Focus On Orphans

“Giving Back – Great Global Friendship Run To Benefit Orphans Worldwide”

VIE – “Giving Back: Great Global Friendship Run To Benefit Orphans Worldwide”

FSA thanks VIE Magazine and journalist Jordan Staggs for running its impactful and informative article on Stan Cottrell’s historic launch of “The Great Global Friendship Run” (GGFR) in Ethiopia.  The VIE article coincided with Stan’s arrival May 31st in Hawassa / Awassa, the capital of Southern, in readiness for the next morning’s historic “running start” for this six-year odyssey to spread friendship and hope, and to raise funds for the world’s orphans and abandoned children.

Stan will be making runs throughout the Hawassa area starting June 1, leading up to GGFR launch ceremonies in the Hawassa / Awassa soccer stadium on Saturday, June 8 … then more runs through mountains and jungles, orphanages and villages, until returning to Addis Ababa for a run in the National Stadium on Saturday, June 15… with many intervening outreach events and runs focused on “Lighting The World With The Power Of Hope.”

As VIE poignantly tells the story…  

Stan Cottrell Launches GGFR In Ethiopia

“On June 1, 2013, in Hawassa, Ethiopia internationally acclaimed ultra distance runner Stan Cottrell will launch a six-year campaign to raise funds and awareness for orphans by running in every country, territory, and colony on earth. Cottrell, founder of the non-profit Friendship Sports Association, plans to run an average 70 miles per week amid week-long events and festivities in each host country with a goal of raising over $1 billion for the 143 million orphans in the world.

“Now age 70 and running strong, Cottrell has been running since childhood, winning his first race at a country fair in south central Kentucky.  In 1980, he set the Guinness World Record for running across the United States from New York to San Francisco in 48 days – an average of 66 miles per day. To date, he has logged more than 200,000 miles including runs across the United States twice, a 12 country run from Scotland to the Rock of Gibraltar (averaging 80 Km per day for 80 days), and through 25 other countries promoting the spirit of friendship.

“Stan Cottrell has received around 400 awards, including commendations from four US Presidents, Excellence in Performance award from the United Nations, and 10 Resolutions in his honor from the US Senate, US House and State Governments, for his work utilizing the purity of sport as a means to promote friendship and goodwill in the world. He now plans to employ his same skill and passion in the greatest challenge of his life, a series of run events through every country of the world in “The Great Global Friendship Run.”  This 6-year event has been described by former Olympic organizers as being of “historic proportions.”

Stan Cottrell in China’s “Forbidden Zone” 1984

“As Cottrell goes around the world, he will be accompanied by award-winning film producer and director, Mickey Grant, to capture the magic of this odyssey for full feature docudramas, videos and television.  “Ethiopia will provide the template and guide for the rest of the countries throughout the world to embrace and pattern their own activities when The Great Global Friendship Run comes to their country.  The dynamic of all that will take place in Ethiopia will ensure the opportunity to bring the Run and its message of hope to their own backyards.”

“Grant has worked with Cottrell on many prior runs, including in 1984, when he captured Cottrell’s epic 1984 run of 2,125 miles across China, from the Great Wall to Guangzhou, in a full feature film.  This Cannes Film Festival finalist, “China Run,” was shown in markets around the world as well as in 45 U.S. cities before being purchased by HBO and BBC.

Many have asked, “Why an ultra-distance run?” 

Cottrell, author, businessman, world adventurer living in Tucker, Georgia, says because sports – and running in particular – have a way of bringing people together.

“At some point in most people’s lives, they run; whether as children or while participating in a game or a sport.  Regardless of geography or culture, people relate to running. Running is a great forum for breaking down walls of division between people of different cultures.”
– Stan Cottrell

And there’s much more…

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