Stan Cottrell’s Ethiopia Run Excitement June 10-13

Stan Cottrell’s Runs And Media -Addis Ababa

 June 10 – Excitement In The Ethiopian Jungle

Today was a day of running in exotic places, with such rich vegetation and amazing animals that the film will delight the most demanding adventure traveler… But Stan’s  awesome Ethiopian journey into the mountains and jungles held its “natural” excitement for him, too… such as having to throw rocks at the hippos coming out of the water after him to drive them back!… Then there was the big baboon… protecting his 3 wives and numerous offspring… The baboon actually picked up a huge boulder and threw it down at Stan and Mickey! Good thing Stan can run … Nature is beautiful, but the natural can be scary!

June 11 – Monsoon Sends Stan Back To Addis

 Stan Cottrell’s runs in Ethiopia, deep into the land where foreigners are seldom allowed, have been rich in relationships and also in film footage to showcase for the world the spectacular beauty Ethiopia has to share. Showcasing the host country’s unique qualities, its culture and people, is one of the many benefits the host country for each Friendship Run will receive …even as its citizens are touched with friendship, better understanding and love, and help is sought for its orphans. What Stan does is truly unique in the world, and such a blessing for all.

Stan and Mickey were up in the mountains earlier today as monsoon-type rains started. Thankfully, the van driver following Stan (with Mickey and the cameras) returned them to the Metec Hotel in Addis, where Stan had some high level meetings and press this evening.  Mickey promised another video clip IF the internet access permits…

Friday, Stan will run in the National Stadium in Addis Ababa with five former Olympic medalists. We are arranging something special at an orphanage for girls in Addis before Stan leaves for the USA.

“Ethiopia is shaping up to be the most incredible model of People-to-People Friendship Ambassadors. As you know, we intend to go to every country, territory, and colony in the world. This is a 6 year initiative. The Ethiopian film will set the tone and pace for the rest of the world to come and see what can take place when people come together in the spirit of children at play. I am almost weeping with endless joy as I write these words and sentiments…” – Stan Cottrell

June 12, 13 – Ethiopian National Media Interview Stan

Stan Cottrell, Tekeste Girma, Zebider Zeludie in the President’s residence, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It has been such an honor and delight for Stan to meet with Tekeste Girma, a humble gentleman and statesman held in such high regard by the movers and shakers in the media, civic and government circles of Ethiopia (and Managing Editor of “AV Magazine,” the journal of African Views).  We largely have Tekeste to thank the quick, eager response from the Ethiopian Media. We also thank Wale Idris Ajibade of African Views for bringing us together with Tekeste, and thank other wonderful people to whom he introduced us.

Stan Cottrell wrote from his heart to Tekeste:  “You extended to me kindness, direction, guidance, and protection. You asked for nothing in return.  And when questioned, ‘What is your motive?’ you responded, ‘I am here to help Stan because what he is doing is a good thing for Ethiopia.’ I thank God for your life and selfless portrayals to be a friend to your fellow man…” Stan and the Global Run mission are indeed blessed by such friends who have come to us in Ethiopia.

Already today, separate interviews have been confirmed with Addis Admas News Paper , Ethiopian Herald (English News Paper), Shegere 102.1 FM radio station (#1 in this 12 million market), Radio Fana – Monitor – Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency.  Five more media outlets and journalists are expected to confirm in the morning. So tomorrow is a packed media day!  Mickey Grant is being allowed to film each of the interviews, so we will have segments for the films.

“Today, the national media in Ethiopia is jumping on this bandwagon…
I am stunned. No one is saying no.” – Stan Cottrell, June 13, 2013

Stan Cottrell Embraces The Need And The Call

“Behold, we are now in the world God has ordained for us to Go!!! It is present-active…this is not a drill Soldier…there is a real enemy…there are hurting people who need to be rescued … there are hungry people who need to be fed… people dying more and more from lack of hope… They don’t even know hope is even a remote possibility…”

A long way yet to go, but together, we WILL do it! … This is a race that must be run!