Stan Cottrell Reflects On Orphans

Stan Cottrell At Home – Speaks Of Orphans

 “I shared with several people in the last few days…including the President of Ethiopia…that if we never had another orphan in the world…in 18 years and less…this vast audience of 143 million orphans will have entered into the world beyond the walls of orphanages and special living environments. They will be on the streets. What we pour into them is what they will pour back our to society”… as Stan Cottrell paused and continued:

“We must light hope in their souls…their perceptual world…even as we provide necessities, education, life skills training… We must pour into them our influence, affluence, genuine caring and reasons to hope. Life’s circumstances beyond their control have rendered them a label of ‘Orphan’. It is up to us to help them establish in their development process and understanding and belief that they are significant… that they were not some mistake unnoticed by God…that they have unique talents the world needs, they are needed, they have a future….”

With 5.6 million orphans in orphanages, Ethiopia has one of the largest orphan populations per capita in the world today! The results of wars, drought, famine, AIDS and more, the overcrowded orphanages lack funds and space in spite of some remarkable ones we were privileged to visit and will be sharing both on film and on this site.

We can and will bring them “The Power Of Hope” in conjunction with outstanding organizations in Ethiopia such as Zebider Zeludie’s (she houses, feeds, cares for 56,000 elderly and orphans), the work Tersit Asrat and Solomon are doing with orphaned girls, Jerry Spencer Ministries’ new orphanage, the work of Haile Tefera and more… and with our USA partners for housing, funding, ministry and services… for this is the heart and soul of The Great Global Friendship Run.

Laundry Day At The Orphanage, Ethiopia

As we help the orphans with shelter, food, medical care, education and more … work with “Peace and Green” and other outstanding Ethiopian initiatives with the blessing of the President to provide them not only ample, nutritious food, but an understanding of how to live on the land, remarkable agricultural advances… as we help them avoid the traps of human trafficking, sex slavery, or resorting in desperation to crime… we can help them avoid the desperate seduction of forces that would destroy them, but instead, position them to be strong leaders in our world of tomorrow… for the children ARE our future!  So let’s help make it a GOOD future!

The staggering aspect of this undertaking was best summed up by Mickey Grant as he followed Stan Cottrell throughout Ethiopia filming:

“Stan, you know I have been very vocal about your going around saying your goal is to raise $1 Billion for orphans, telling you it was ludicrous… But that much is needed for Ethiopia alone to meet the minimal needs of just their 5.6 million orphan population. $1 Billion represents just under 1 United States Dollar per orphaned child in the world!  Thank you for standing firm on this mission and helping the orphans!”