On The Eve Of The Great Global Friendship Run

Press And Journaling As Stan Cottrell Travels To Ethiopia

 May 25: Stan Cottrell’s Pre-Launch Reflections

“…My heart is with the masses…the people who feel they are insignificant…those who feel they are the unknown, the forgotten, the ones who feel God made a mistake in their being born…  I know this morning I report for duty…Here Am I Lord to do what is prescribed to me as unto The Lord…and to do it from a ‘Whole Heart’. Oh yes, I will do my 70 mile run, of course! I feel God’s pleasure when I run…” ~ Stan Cottrell

A Friendship Run is about touching hearts with God’s love-in-action, sharing friendship, spreading hope…

May 27: AV Interview With Stan Cottrell

We had an energized interview on African Views Blog Talk Radio channel with the amazing ultra distance runner and Friendship Ambassador, Stan Cottrell, founder of Friendship Sports Association and the “Friendship Run” concept.  Stan graciously made two hours of time for us, as he eagerly prepared to leave Atlanta the next day for the long journey to Ethiopia.

Stan shared openly about his life-long preparation this greatest challenge…  the decades of runs through 38 countries experiencing people-to-people diplomacy at this best, living among the people to gain understanding of their ways… but mostly about the awesome and unique impact of international Friendship Runs… how lives are touched and the veil of mystery and misunderstandings lifted … why this is a dream come true for Ministers of Culture and Tourism, a festive boost to local economies, and a sure hope and help for the world’s 143 million orphans… and what it means for YOU to get involved in your country!

Here is the REPLAY link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/africanviews/2013/05/27/cd-making-the-impossible-possible.  Many thanks to Wale Idris Ajibade, Executive Director of African Views, for making this “Making The Impossible Possible” in-depth interview actually possible, and for drawing in his vast connections in Africa and around the world to discover a glimpse of this history-in-the-making.

 May 30:  Stan Arrives In Ethiopia

Filmmaker Mickey Grant joined with Stan in transit at the Frankfurt airport for a flight to Sudan, then on to Ethiopia for the great adventure to begin. Mickey’s vast filmmaking experience and decades of prior work with Stan on Friendship Runs in Asia, Europe and Africa will all come to bear as he produces a Reality TV pilot program, a docudrama and more… recording for us this historic 6-year quest to “Light The World With The Power Of Hope!”

Stan is at the METEC Hotel in the Lafto area of southwestern Addis Ababa. — Nearby cities: Addis Ababa; Bishoftu(Debre Zeit); Adama (Nazret) –http://wikimapia.org/14101930/METEC-Hotel .  From his hotel, Stan had a Skype video call with GGFR supporter, Burt Danet of ABC4All (in California) at @ 11 pm Pacific / 2 am Eastern / 9am in Addis.

Stan takes his computer and points the camera to the person behind the desk, to employees in the lobby of the hotel, and goes outside and introduces the people on the street to his American friend, to bring smiles and laughter with that unique “Stan-touch.”  Stan always focuses on engaging people, uplifting them, making them feel special…

 Stan Shares His Heart In The Call Transcription

“This is what we worked so hard for, dreamed for, for so long. I see children running around… This is not a drill, this is the real thing… We are on location!”

“Meeting people who are in the hotel, working – I see this all the time – so often they are ignored, just servants, but they all have their own journey, each person has their own song to sing. Everybody wants to feel they are a fellow member of the human race.”

“I met an Ethiopian business man and said to him, ‘You look important.’  He said, ‘How do you know?’ … We had a good laugh.  Everybody wants to be made to feel significant.  Nobody wants to be ignored.”

“I feel like I am in my element here. I am in the center of my God-given ability to do what I do exceedingly well.  Friendship Sports Association and I are ambassadors!  The people outside the hotel, look how they smiled, laughed, waved at you – ‘Give me one moment in time.’”

“Every moment is precious. Every drop of water is a benediction.  All of us – each member of our team involved in GGFR and ABC4All – we are Good News Ambassadors bringing hope, a ray of sunshine, bringing light where there has been darkness. The darkness has been prevalent far too long.”

“The New Testament – 65% is made up of letters that were written “Remember me to all the brethren” … This medium of communication of the GGFR brings everyone together…  I feel the love.  This is a love affair what we are doing.  Fall in love with life.  Have a purpose.  Be affirmative!”

   May 31:  Stan And Mickey Travel To Awassa, Southern

Stan arrives in AWASSA / Hawassa, capital of Southern Ethiopia on the shores of Lake Awasa in the Great Rift Valley, some 270 km south of Addis Ababa.  Lake Awasa is beautiful.  Communications are still challenging, but there is great scenery as the backdrop for wonderful people and the delightful “characters” Stan meets everywhere.

This is a NOW time!…It’s real.  It’s exhilarating.  In the morning Stan finally starts the RUN… a week of running in Ethiopia prior to “launch celebration” in the Soccer Stadium of Hawassa on June 8th, with myriad events, outreaches, runs and more, then continuing back to Addis Ababa for the finale.  He’s ready in the blocks now for the START…

May 31:  VIE Magazine

Viezine.com captures what has been building to this time, publishing a long article on Stan and the Run that is starting the next morning in Ethiopia:  “GIVING BACK –Stan Cottrell starts The Great Global Friendship Run to Benefit Orphans Worldwide” – http://www.viezine.com/vie/2013/05/great-global-friendship-run-to-benefit-orphans-worldwide/