Official GGFR Launch Rally

June 8 Celebration Starts With 5K Race

Stan Cottrell speaks from the heart to thousands in Awassa, Ethiopia at the Official GGFR Start

This jam packed day started with a 5K Race in Awassa, Ethiopia with over 1000 participants wearing run sponsor T-shirts saying The Great Global Friendship Run and Jerry Spencer Ministries. Below, you can see eager runners in readiness for the ribbon cutting to begin the race, and scenes from the celebration in the Soccer Stadium in the heart of town, attended by many thousands.

There are also many, many more vibrant images in the Facebook photo “album” – Ethiopia Launch – The Great Global Friendship Run discoverable through the Photos tab on The Great Global Friendship Run Facebook Page at (and please “like” the page).

“All of history has been waiting for this day…
the beginning of The Great Global Friendship Run!”

The Rally and Awards Ceremony before a cast of many thousands at the Soccer Stadium in the center of Awassa marked the “Official Launch of the GGFR” as Dr. Jerry Spencer introduced Stan Cottrell to address and encourage the eager audience.  Mickey Grant captured Stan’s presentation on (unedited) video that’s been uploaded to Stan’s “RunStanCottrell” VIMEO channel labeled Grand Opening In Ethiopia Of The Great Global Friendship Run.  Here are just a few scenes from our scrapbook or the video.

At the June 8th celebration of the historic, official launch of the Great Global Friendship Run, Stan Cottrell moved among the people uplifting them, encouraging their individual victories, with a heart committed to helping as he can… as WE can!

 Eager crowds, hungry for messages of hope, await the start of Stan Cottrell’s words of encouragement at the Soccer Stadium for the official launch ceremonies for The Great Global Friendship Run.  And encourage them he did…

“How wonderfully and marvelously we are made… how awesome the human family is… You have gifts to give to the world that nobody can give but you! . . .  We are all crafted from the same clay . . . YES!!!”

 The crowds love Stan Cottrell as he addresses them from the heart and encourages them, relating to them personally the meaning of real friendship:

I believe in promoting friendship… so rare… True friendship means coming together in 3 ways:
thought, sharing our heart, sharing our spirit…”

Tsedale & Haile Tefera, ultra runner and Friendship Ambassador Stan Cottrell, Shirley Robertson & Dr. Jerry Spencerat the official launch of The Great Global Friendship Run in Awassa, Ethiopia, June 8, 2013