Great Global Friendship Run Inaugural Events

Special Run Events – Hawassa, Ethiopia, Africa June 1–16, 2013

GGFR Launches In Ethiopia, Africa

    • Stan Cottrell will run into the Soccer Stadium in the middle of Hawassa and deliver a keynote address before an anticipated crowd of 60,000.
    • June 8th, Stan Cottrell participate with Dr. Jerry Spencer in a giant rally following the presentation of awards for the 5k Run involving more than 1,000 runners who will be wearing T-shirts with The Great Global Friendship Run on the front.
    • Stan’s two weeks in Ethiopia will be packed with events … speaking at orphanages and schools and churches… meeting the President of the country and other dignitaries and business leaders, with the blessing of the Ethiopian Evangelical Council, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mayor and Hawassa City Administration Sports Council… reaching out to the people who feel they are insignificant, those who feel they are the unknown, the forgotten…
    • Stan will be running… This 70-year-old ultra distance runner 70 miles spread over two days through villages, orphanages, schools…shaking hands, joined by local runners… mirroring the Global Run he will be making over the next six years around the world spreading the spirit of friendship in a rare people-to-people diplomacy, with mega civic, cultural, business and children’s events, and raising over $1Billion for the world’s orphans!
    • Award-winning filmmaker, Mickey Grant, will be filming Stan’s run events throughout, creating promotional films for The Great Global Friendship Run just as he did for his two years with “Feed The Children,” while focusing on his filming of a history-making docudrama and pilot for a 6-year “Reality TV” series that will captivate audiences worldwide with local color, fast-paced adventure, sports interests, people-to-people diplomacy, and heart!
    • Over 50 organizations and churches are involved in this mammoth undertaking in addition to The Great Global Friendship Run and Jerry Spencer Ministries, including Source of Light, Evangelical Church Groups of Ethiopia, Campus Crusade and Child Evangelism. They will be reaching out to people on the streets and in the marketplaces.
    • Orphan Focus – Throughout this project, all of the leaders will be emphasizing the plight of orphan children in Ethiopia and around the world. We will be visiting orphanages and giving special loving attention to these precious children and those who lovingly care for them.
    • A feeding program will take place in 3 different locations simultaneously, feeding a hot meal prepared by local churches to about 2,000 people in each place.
    • Dedication – During the day on Saturday, June 8th, there will be a special service in the soccer stadium dedicating the City of Awassa to the Savior and calling out workers who will be fervent in carrying out the work of the Lord in this region of Ethiopia.