GGFR Historic Launch Week

Stan Cottrell’s First Ethiopian Runs June 1-7

June 1: Run Launch Day Drama

After a wonderful church service the evening of May 31st with Dr. Jerry Spencer, Stan falls into a dark hole that nobody saw. Intense pain… Is his hip broken, as it feels?…  Getting the deep, gushing, puncture wound in his leg stitched up, now on the eve of this most historic event, Stan optimistically invites the doctor to join the Run’s start – and he accepts.

Now it’s morning and the doctor is there for the first 1/2 mile or so of this historic first run of the six-year GGFR… and Stan runs strong… strong all day long, deeply wounded leg and all… for his 35 miles!  The reports reach us in the USA that he seemed to get stronger as he ran… back in his element, doing what God uniquely equipped him to do.

YES, the miracles are starting.  It’s going to be a great adventure, touching so many hearts and lives, bringing a sure HOPE! … Yes, it’s been a fabulous day… But with no internet service there at the moment, our reports are sketchy.  So we eagerly await what’s coming next!!!

June 3: From The Front in Ethiopia – Great Runs

Internet continues spotty at best, so we only have fragments of reports, one phrase at a time, but awesome!  Stan writes as Skype goes in and out:

“Great runs the past 2 days… but doing more, running MORE! … Work with orphans and having so many things to film…scenes, people interviews…unexpected things…It is a rich environment for great flavor culturally, environmentally, and unexpected…” which will boost the country’s image and delight viewers of the Reality TV episode and docudrama, drawing more people to experience and comprehend the important messages here.

“Today, we run in the jungle…This is the area… which is off limits to the majority of foreigners. We are using 3 cameras and the chest camera…an entirely new dimension for me. Mickey feels we will have more than 100 uniquely different scenes (quality and rich) when we leave… will have some to share tonight….”

[End of day / phone]  “Another great day of runs… but no internet access yet. If internet allows, Mickey will post on VIMEO tonight.” –  That’s the RunStanCottrell channel —

 June 4: Stan’s Runs And Farmer Visit

“16-hour a day schedules, staying plenty busy… We did a scene with a farmer and his family (11 children) inside their grass thatched hut, mud dried walls, no water or electricity … it was awesome…”

“Mickey said this was the most incredible scene he has ever done in his life…The conclusion of what the man said to the world will blow the audience away…”  We can’t wait to see it!

June 5: Orphanage And Remote Area Of Ethiopia

Stan is running into another orphanage, then off to a very primitive location. Exciting film footage will be forthcoming… but for now, he was lucky to get one phrase at a time as internet connected and disconnected [3-4 times in a single minute before going off].

 June 6: Run Is Going The Way It Should

“This run is going the way it should go…running and being in orphanages…schools… visiting farm people in their primitive environments…being exposed to the poverty…40 percent poverty population…”

“Today [Thursday], a leadership conference and foot washing… Saturday morning, a 5K run and feeding of 6,000 starving people… Leave Awassa on Sunday evening to go back to Addis Ababa…and to have a powerful agenda…”

“Mickey is doing brilliant work. He knows the importance of this film.” [And we back home are so looking forward to it!]…”This is one of the longest times I have had on the internet. It has been about 45 seconds and then shuts down….”

[Late – from Asassa, Ethiopia] “Had some powerful scenes… Walking through one of the most dangerous areas, had an encounter Mickey caught on film…”

“Saw awesome people living out some of the most ardent lives of survival, people driving a herd of goats, an elementary school, children…”

Stan Cottrell Running Through Herd of Goats on Rocky Road in Ethiopia

June 7:  More Run Adventures, Running Through Mountains

[Morning] “Today, I’m at a prison, then on the road for more spontaneous adventures. Tomorrow, the 5k run with thousands… feeding thousands… the ‘Official Start’ with the Mayor and Minister of Sports & Culture.”

[Night]  “Visited another orphanage with spectacular interaction with the children. Ran through the mountains…” [lost connection]

Stan Cottrell Running Through The Mountains Of Southern Ethiopia June 2013 During Launch of The Great Global Friendship Run – Wounded Leg and All!