Feeding The Hungry In Ethiopia

June 8 GGFR Launch – Feeding Body And Soul

 Stan Cottrell:  “I am humbled being part of feeding over 6,000 starving people who are the faces of poverty unlike anything we in the USA can comprehend nor imagine exists… such poverty everywhere (40% of the population), hopelessness, where we seek to bring a ray of hope and real help….”

“I am seeing thousands of the most poverty-stricken people I have ever encountered… One man paralyzed from the waist down crawling on the ground with an old pair of flip flop shoes on his hands pulling himself on the ground… Most will never encounter starvation and poverty like I witnessed…”

“I thought of Jesus feeding the hungry…
the sick, lame, paralyzed….”

Stan continued:

“Later, I ran into the stadium in the middle of downtown Awassa, Ethiopia and spoke to 35,000 people, followed by the infallible Word, hope and love shared by Dr. Jerry Spencer. There was such an outpouring of the Spirit… and we witnessed miracle after miracle, as from the beginning of this odyssey but ever increasing… such wonders and experiences I will be processing for the rest of my life!

This is what a friendship run should be…

This has been perhaps my most amazing journey ever… and it’s only half over!”

Stan Cottrell spoke to 35,000 Ethiopians crowded into the Soccer Stadium in Awassa on June 8, 2013