Ethiopia Run Reflections In Addis Ababa

Stan Cottrell Returns To Ethiopia’s Capital

 June 9: Back in Addis Ababa

“We are back in the nation’s capital, back up to 8,500 feet from the 5,500 feet in Awassa. Jerry Spencer has been wonderful, and his wife, Shirley will be providing some photos for our Facebook photo albums.

We brought our driver/guide, Zacharia, to Addis to direct and follow us the next 8 days. Mickey and I have such a bond with this man. He is brilliant… saavy, and knows this world up here like the back of his hand as well… In every country, we need a guide who also serves as part of our security and supply wagon…

This has been perhaps my most amazing journey ever … but we expect even greater experiences here the next few days.”

“I am now back in Addis after returning from Awassa. The Great Global Friendship Run is unveiling itself in ways I never dreamed possible. The enthusiastic support of all levels in that region will be viewed by people all over the world. In my 35 years of running throughout the world…nothing like the Ethiopian experience has ever taken place before.” – Stan Cottrell

June 10 – Stan Reflects On The Past Week

 In an emailed letter to a friend, Stan Cottrell shared his heart-filled reflections:

“I will be processing this past week for the rest of my life…Speaking to tens of thousands and untold thousands receiving the Lord for the first time.  Even the local pastors were agog of the movement and power of The Holy Spirit… Handing out Bibles to thousands… One pastor cried with me and said, ‘I have been a preacher for years, and this is the first time I have ever had a Bible!’

“Visiting orphanages struggling to care for the country’s burgeoning 5.6 million orphan population caused by war, famine, AIDS… Feeding 6,000 of the most poverty stricken people I have ever encountered on just one of many experiences here in Ethiopia, where 40% of the population lives in deep poverty and people everywhere are struggling for basic survival… Foot washing services of the elders…very humbling and tearful…”

 “Two nights ago I ran in and spoke to 35,000…this is typical… Meeting with the well known of Ethiopia, all with such a heart for the people, to ease pain and suffering, to find a better way… Ran in the “GGFR 5K Run” with over 1,000 runners, then addressed an estimated 10,000 in the soccer stadium for the official launch celebration, addressed 8,000 youth, churches, men’s and women’s workshops and more… ”

“Everywhere I go… it draws a crowd…”

“Running in the mountains and jungles… going into the mud huts with thatched roofs…no awareness of an outside world by these people…’

“Now, back in Addis for the next 8 days for more running adventures… I am so thankful you will be able to experience these things by Mickey’s incredible ability to capture all this on video or whatever the latest medium is called…”

“I witness miracles moment by moment… Every day, 50 times a day or more, I feel the power of your prayers… I boast in the Lord… My victory is just as much Yours…We do this not for our glory but God’s Glory.  I am so thankful.”

 “In the midst of this, my baby Sister died last Wednesday and was buried Saturday.  She and I talked before I left.  We talked about this run and what we perceived it means for the Great Commission, going into all the world as a Good News Ambassador, reaching out to the poor, the sick, the lame and helping the orphans… She said, “This is a real good ‘un.’  I had her blessing.  She was 49.  I have been running down the road crying my eyes out for the loss of her earthly presence…when I get back, I will go home to Kentucky and sit at her resting place there…”

“But for now I must focus on the living, on those for whose lives we can make a very real difference… and my determination and commitment to this run and those future runs before me are as unshaken as my faith… for God is Good, God is Love… and He has a Plan for this place, for these people, and for people wherever I run… ”