Running Made Easy DVD


It’s the definitive guide to running the RIGHT way, the EASY way, the SAFE way for beginner and pro alike … a fun and informative DVD by former Guinness World Record holder, Stan Cottrell, “the world’s super ultra-distance runner” and founder of the Friendship Run concept, with the famed Kenyan Olympic team and so much more.


But how does he do it?  Stan Cottrell reveals step-by-step his Formula to successful running, to making the flow so easy…

He calls his secret method the  “EFED – Even Flow of Energy Distribution”… and demonstrates how you, too, can run easier, safer, longer… joyfully! … at any skill level.

Filmed by one of the top adventure filmmakers in the world, Mickey Grant, this DVD has cinematography to wow the harshest critic, but something else unique in a training film. As Mickey says,

“I’ve read and watched trainings by all the other big names in running and track and field over decades, but no one … I mean NO ONE … explains it as simply, clearly and effectively as Stan Cottrell.”



This multi-year DVD project will be completed very, very soon.

So for advance notification of the DVD’s release, with more detailed information and an opportunity for a discounted pre-publication price to also include special bonuses, just give your email address below.




Paul Taggard is the world record holder for the Marathon. Paul lives in Kenya and will go down in history as one of the greatest marathoners and Kenyans of all time. What a nice fellow. I met with him in Nairobi while filming a major portion of the “How To Run – Running Made Easy” training film.

The running scenes were with some of Kenya’s elite marathon and 10 K runners. We had the privilege of filming on the same plantation where “Out of Africa” starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep took place. This location was about 50 miles outside of Nairobi.

Some of Kenya’s elite runners. This is a scene from our upcoming DVD “Running Made Easy.” These gentlemen were just as amazed with me as I was with them. They said, “No one your age runs here. They are retired.”  Being here was nothing short of a marvelous experience.

So why not delight the child in you?

“At some point in most people’s lives, they run; whether as children or while participating in a game or a sport. Regardless of geography or culture, people relate to running.”

Wouldn’t it be fun to do this?

The 2nd Trans-USA Run (1985) – This picture was taken at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. These were some of America’s finest Warriors running behind Stan, Gen. Lindsey, Commanding General, and The Chinese Runners. It was a great day.


Now you can do it, too… Discover how!