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Among the many films and videos by or about Stan Cottrell and The Great Global Friendship Run:

  • Friendship Sports — The first video below explains the heart and purpose of Friendship Sports and Stan’s Friendship Runs better than words can express, giving greater understanding of why Stan Cottrell has been called to go into all the world as a Good News Ambassador “Lighting The World With The Power Of Hope!”
  • The Running Montage gives a flavor of Stan’s strength and purpose, even at age 70, as he launches the ambitious Global Run project in Ethiopia.
  • The historic Launch Celebration in the Soccer Stadium in downtown Awassa, Ethiopia before a crowd estimated at some 10,000, displays Stan’s motivational qualities as he instills purpose and hope in the minds of his audiences … the same encouragement he brings to orphans even as the Run raises funds and contributes to critical projects to bring them a sure hope and a future.
  • The Great Global Friendship Run Trailer shows Stan in preparation for this 6-year odyssey, running through the mountains of Kentucky, and tells about this ambitious world-wide run project that has never been attempted by any man before!
  • Videos of  Ethiopia and all subsequent Friendship Runs will be uploaded to Stan Cottrell’s VIMEO Channel.


The Heart And Impact Of Friendship Sports

And Stan Cottrell’s Friendship Runs


Running Montage – Stan Cottrell In Ethiopia

During GGFR Launch Week June 1-8, 2013

Stan Cottrell Running in Ethiopia - Montage for GGFR Launch


Stan Cottrell – Historic Official Launch Of

The Great Global Friendship Run 6-08-13

Stan Cottrell At GGFR Ethiopia Launch Celebration


The Great Global Friendship Run Trailer

Stan Cottrell And Plans: Winter 2011-2012