Fire & Jade

The Principle Of “Fire And Jade”

The film “Fire and Jade” is the story of Stan Cottrell’s “impossible” run across the mountains and valleys of China.

The film also explains the mental and spiritual principles that enabled Cottrell to do what others considered impossible… principles that are at the heart of human achievement… principles that are just as effective in life, in the family and in business as they are in athletics.

Among the natural laws of achievement is the principle of Fire and Jade, a bold and imaginative blending of ancient poetry and contemporary science.

Here, at last, in an intelligent and fascinating form, are principles we can all use in our daily lives.  We can all accomplish far more than we ever thought we could.

In this award winning production by Mickey Grant, you, too, can discover key truths to unlocking your unlimited potential.

Dare to imagine the infinite possibilities that are ahead via Reality TV, Non-Fiction Features, Social Media platforms, Internet Radio & TV, and the priceless privilege to bring lasting hope to millions of orphaned children that go to sleep crying.

We can make a lasting difference… Today is the perfect time to step forward and say, “YES”!

In the Great Global Friendship Run World, “Silence is not Golden.”