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  • Full Feature Film played in theaters throughout the world and 45 US cities.
  • Critically acclaimed with consistent 3 1/2 Star ratings.
  • Purchased by HBO & BBC – Played on HBO and Showcase in USA.
  • Was a finalist at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Documents Stan Cottrell’s ultradistance run across China from the Great Wall north of Beijing to Guangzhou, Canton 53 days later, averaging 40 miles per day,
  • Shares the experience of pain few have felt, with severe injuries…a battle of the mind in the remote regions of China…but out of this pain comes love and compassion and understanding.

“China Run” Full Feature Film


The Great Friendship Run – China 1984

 Stan Cottrell’s “Great Friendship Run” across China began at the Great Wall north of Beijing and finished 53 days later 2125 miles to the south in Guangzhou, Canton – an average run of  40 miles a day.

The Mickey Grant documentary CHINA RUN, however, is only peripherally concerned with the mechanics of this grueling run.

It is really the story of a stranger in a strange land…  the world of the modern Chinese peasant seen through the eyes of an American peasant.

It is a study in contrast…. It is also a study of shared aspirations.

The son of a poor Kentucky sharecropper, Stan Cottrell struggled through a childhood of poverty and abuse by losing himself in running–running after neighbor’s cows, running down moonshiners for the law, running races at county fairs to achieve the only recognition a poverty-stricken country boy was allowed.

Stan Cottrell ran 1000 miles with broken vertebrae

The Great Friendship Run began as a dream, but quickly became an obsession impacting deeply Cottrell and the Chinese and American film.  A small sampling of the many USA endorsements and Chinese endorsements are shown on this site.

The run was grueling. Cottrell ran through rough terrain, the first Causasian to traverse some areas, and finished the run through the mountains, valleys and streams of China with broken vertebrae.

He lived the “Principle of Fire and Jade as filmed so poignantly by Mickey Grant (see it at the link).  In the film, Cottrell shares the mental and spiritual attributes that helped him accomplish “the impossible!”